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What Gaming Stuff Are You Reading (3rd/4th Quarter 2019)

So, spinning off from the What Are You Reading threads, let’s give this a try.

I’ve been idly reading some Dragon magazine issues from the 80s and early 90s lately. And working my way through The Spire RPG. Loving this book – the rules are simple and interesting, and the setting is massively creative and imaginative. The classes are a real treat. It’s a world where the you belong to the downtrodden dark elves living under the light elf elites. Where Carrion Priests can eat flesh to remove damage (Stress), dissolute Knights go on drinking quests, pop Idols can be so beautiful you can’t touch them, and agitator Firebrands can turn themselves into an idea for a week.

The art is pretty darn stylish, too.

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Finished reading The Spire. Wow, is it an inspiring, stylish, laden with flavor, game. Really looking forward to running this one day soon.

Next up is the old Judges Guild Spies of Lightelf sourcebook.

The Spies of Lightelf was a weird one. Like most Judges Guild products of the time, it had a lot of maps. But for 1980, it delves into the location at a level far beyond say, the Greyhawk Folio.

One thing that stuck out is that the gnomish settlement detailed (the titular Lightelf) is made up of mostly Chaotic Evil gnomes. I wonder if it draws influence from the Sword of Shannara’s evil gnomes…

Next up is the D&D Essentials Kit.