What Happened to the EN World Weekly News Digest?


This might be an odd question, but what happened to the EN World News Digest for the Week? It used to be quite substantial, with a breakdown on the news and what's happening in the ttrpg scene. However, I've noticed that in recent weeks (I'm not sure for how long), it's been rather slimmed down. Where there used to be a few paragraphs summarizing the news about the latest WotC product or Pazio announcement, now there's maybe one sentence. The email is significantly shorter now, with a lot less meat on the bones.

So yeah. What happened there?

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I understand that. But why change the email format? It was so much more convenient to have everything in that one place delivered each week.
Because there was info buried in the newsletter which deserves its own article. And Daryl doesn't want to post the same text twice! It's supposed to be a digest directing you to the full articles, not a primary source in itself.

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