Review What is the best chain fast food restaurant?

What is the best chain fast food restaurant?

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I'm not saying it's GOOD, I'm just saying that I F'ing LOVE Taco Bell.
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Of these options, Five Guys is #1 for me, but Sonic is a close second. (Arby's is a not-so-close third, but it is up there.)

Last few times I visited the American South, I also rather liked Bojangles.


Most of them don't exist here:(.

Shake Shack and In and Out looks the most interesting on YouTube though.

Watched that the other night it's not the only one I've seen though.

Locally I vote Puzza Hut it's the best out of McDonald's, BK, KFC, Subway, Wendy's, Taco Bell or Dominoes. Choices are limited m'kay.

It's the only one we somewhat regularly visit. Most are average, inconsistent (kfc) or bad (Wendy's).

NZ franchises tend to be very small or regional but I'll buy one of their burgers for similar price to large McD combo (just the burger though).


In-N-Out and it ain't even close. More regional, though.
I first had an In-N-Out as an adult about a decade ago and I would have to place them fairly high on the list of fast-food burger places. But their fries aren't very good so that's going to kick them down a few notches. But at the end of the day, I'd rather eat at Whataburger.


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If I want fried chicken, Popeye’s is my preferred chain. As noted above, I wish they’d go back to some of their prior side dish offerings. Church’s is a sentimental 2nd place, though Chicken Express gets more of our business, simply because it’s closer…and many Church’s around here are near Popeye’s*. KFC has seriously declined across the board- the last time I went, the food was borderline inedible. 2 prior visits to other locations presaged that precipitous decline.

If I want a fried chicken sandwich, I almost always hit Chick-Fil-A, but Popeye’s is in second, and gaining ground.

For fast “Mexican”, I hit Taco Cabana. I’ve enjoyed certain things from other chains, but TC’s offerings tasted better, and many of their locations are 24/7.

Right now, my favorite cheap burger chain is Whataburger, eclipsing Sonic, Braum’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and others. Not even close. I used to enjoy White Castle sliders, but haven’t even seen one in 20 years after one opened near me and quickly failed before I could visit. Five Guys’ strength was French fries, but that’s not enough. As mentioned, I won’t be going back to In & Out.

Pizza Hut is my sentimental fave for chain pizzerias, but their dine in locations are rare. However, these days, if I’m getting pizza, I’m hitting a good small local place. Right now, that means either the Indian owned & operated takeout only place around the corner from me, or the “fast casual” place a few miles further out owned & operated by a Sicilian woman whose family has been in the restaurant business for over a century, and who imports some of her ingredients. (Note: it’s hard to find authentic thick crust pizzas anywhere anymore, and that’s my favorite kind.)

* there’s one corner near a cousin’s house that has to be among the cautionary tales of chickendom. There’s a fried chicken joint on each corner: Popeye’s, Church’s, KFC, and Williams’ ( a local chain).
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