D&D General what is the worst homebrew you have seen?

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I saw a super saiyan class that kept getting ability boosts so that it was, fairly early on, a juggernaut. Not sure what its other abilities were, that was enough for me to ignore it.

Unlike some (perhaps most) people, I think DnDwiki is okay as a resource. There have been some very good classes and subclasses on there and even the really bad stuff can at least provide inspiration.


Okay, y'know what, I'm gonna go daggers out on this one for a particular reason

MCDM's Illriger.

It isn't bad because its not well made (its very well made), it isn't bad because it doesn't work (It very much works), it isn't bad because of its concept (Its fine).

No, its bad because they really should be able to balance better. Yeah, I get they wanted more 4E style, but, you gotta balance stuff within a party and having an entire class that just goes "Hey I'm Twilight Cleric levels of standing out" isn't a good look. Its bad because it disappointed me because I know I'm not going to be able to play it because I'm not just going to pick "Yeah this is the super powerful option to outdo the party"

I dunno, maybe they nerfed it since last I looked, but I remember it doing way too much for a 5E chassis


Twilight Cleric! That was the name of that Dndwiki class that became quite famous for a while sime 18 years ago. Had not thought of that one in ages, but there was immediately some vague memory forming in the haze when I saw thia thread.


Every nation was based on a 3.5 class and were vehemently bigoted toward each other. The big bads were sorcerers treated like Marvel comics mutants who were terrorists without a nation. It was clear they were fighting for their right to exist, but the DM fully expected us to see them as vermin to exterminate. The big goods were the paladins, trying to wipe out the sorcerers and rogues--like the entire nations and every last man woman and child. We were expected to consider them the Best.

First attempt, there was no party cohesion because we played how the classes behaved in the larger world and the fighter ended up leaving the party.

Second attempt, we rebelled and played two rogues, a sorcerer, bard and clerics (clerics were like doctors without borders) and went the freedom fighter / X-men route.

2e... a magic sword called "Sliver Shard" that had 6 1/2 pages of rules on it.

I can't remember all of it but I remember it was a magic (no plus) sword but then was +1 vs X or +2 vs Y for like types of creatures, but then if they have spells prepared it was +1 more, and the sword (a short sword) did a number of extra d6s equal to the plus against that creature if it hit, and different creatures had to make different types of saves based on what they were if the damage dealt was 20 or more. (I remember against trolls it was a DM save or die) It had different spell like abilities based on your alignment, and your level (like this thing had multi charts on it.

Anyway there were 3 sliver shards and if you put two together it becomes a long sword and the base weapon become +1 higher and it got more spell like abilities and gave you an increase to your charisma score, or if you put the 3rd with the other 2 it is a bastard sword and the base weapon becomes +1 more (now in some cases it might be +6 if it was against like a dragon with spells that was evil or something) and it gets more spell like abilities including Wish 3/day.

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