D&D General what is the worst race in dnd?

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what is the worst, most stupid, most idiotic race to ever be made, official or homebrew?
before this fixing with the new DL book I would have nominated kender... but for now I am going the psychic Manard from 3.5... a race of humans with a sonic scream... it stands out because the other ones from that book (Dromite, Blu goblin, half giant, and my fav the Elan) were all so amazing they became staples in our games for not just that edition but even to this day with house rules.


No rule is inviolate
The post language is a bit incendiary, but I'll bite. Pistol-wielding space hippos? Or anything "half-vampire" or "half-drow," all the powers, none of the drawbacks.



In the mid 1980s I gave my players the opportunity to enter into a Warpig Race where the PCs rode the Warpigs down a mountainside, across a trap filled bridge, and through the surface and subterranean capital city of a dwarven empire. It was one of those 'the only rule is there are no rules' moments. When the race started the PCs all blasted everyone in it with their strongest fire spells, killing all the pigs and most of the combatants. Then the PCs walked the course and won the race - while the mounts were slow cooked over a spit to provide a victory feast. That kind of sucked.

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