What IS this? I think it may actually be RPG related (thus could be in TTRPG general forum) but unsure.


Was looking for TLD (Top Level Domain...such as .com or .uk or others like that) and looked up .wk to see if that was one. It turned something up.

wk is domain for willink

I was like...I've never heard of this place called willink, so I followed the link...


But wait, what is this? It is in Southeast Haven, an enormous nation, bordered by Hamptonshire and Craven?

What is this and where am I? So, I go to the main page of this site...

NSwiki mainpage

Which seems to be the main page of something called Nationstates, but no reference to what the origins of these Nationstates are or what it is. Google turns up things totally different and unassociated to this. Searching for Hamptonshire, willink, and Craven turns up empty.

It sounds like a fictional setting of some sort, and the notes on the lower right of the mainpage indicates it may be used for some sort of RPG.

But, no idea, and can't figure it out. Anyone have a clue on what this is?

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Well, that was fun
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It's some kind of game it seems.

"A nation is created by a player by filling in a form after pressing the 'create a nation' button at nationstates.net. The newly created nation is then 'born' with a population of five million inhabitants in one of the Pacific regions. It may remain there or move to another region.

As the most basic aspect of the game, nations can alter their government and economy by making choices on 'issues', and by joining the United Nations and voting on resolutions. Nations may also send telegrams to other nations, add a flag to their banner, and a number of other activities.

The nation page contains all the information you need to play the basic game, but there are many more options available. You can engage in regional politics, discuss anything and everything on the forums, or get involved in the gameplay or roleplay aspects of NationStates."


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To help promote his novel, Max Barry created a browser game titled Jennifer Government: NationStates (later shortened to NationStates). In the game, players make choices which are inspired by the novel and which affect the economy, society, and culture of their countries.
NationStates launched alongside the book and remains active as of July 2022.

I use to play but ended up spending my time on the General politics and PbP pages, but too much American politics pushed me out

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