what magical arrow would you make?


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Ive been making different magical arrows like entanglement, bless water( we been having a good bit of undead), fireball, flare, spike growth, fear and shocking grasp

Im going to make a lot different magical arrows for different situations so ill kinda be like hawk eye later levels blowing things up with an arrow of fireball lol

Me and my dm have also made a "trainer arrow" that goes half the distant and do no dmg to a person but I can put cure light wounds, bears endurance, bulls strength, or cats graces all I have to do is hit a touch attack on my ally and my tank loves it I rapid fire +4 str and con right on him when things are going wrong. free rage whats up! I might transfer this into a different form to see what ideas people might have on different arrows

So what ideas do you have on different magical arrows I should think about getting? or funny idea?

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Arrows of Baleful Polymorph would be funny. Arrows that turn enemies into squirrels!

Or, for that matter, along the lines of buffing arrows, arrows of regular Polymorph. Shoot your ally in the back, turn him into a hydra!

Battlefield control effects like Solid Fog or Black Tentacles would also be good. Pop an arrow in the middle of an enemy formation to lock them all up.

Summon Monster arrows would also be cool.

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