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Paizo What news from PaizoCon?


I haven't seen any discussion, so I thought I would start a thread. What news came out of PaizoCon? I'm especially interested in Starfinder 2E.

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Here's some links to the writeups that The-Magic-Sword (who is on this forum but i don't remember their username):

Paizocon Keynote 2024 Live Write Up!
Paizocon 2024 Exploring Tian Xia Live Write Up!
Paizocon 2024 Remaster Project Panel Live Write Up!!!
Paizocon 2024 Transitioning from Starfinder 1e to Starfinder 2e Live Writeup
Paizocon 2024 Godsrain Panel Live Writeup!
Starfinder 2nd Edition Live Writeup Paizocon 2024

Lots of small but fun tidbits. It's hard to sum it up especially because for a lot of these hard mechanical details weren't given. An explanation of how Mythic works mechanically is in the Godsrain panel, I think?

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