Level Up (A5E) What price a feat?

Jacob Vardy

How much XP is an extra feat worth?

I'm running a couple of parties outside an Islamicate inspired city packed with schools. So instead of XP the PCs are leveling with cash and days of training. But i just know that someone is going to ask if they can buy an extra feat. I know i could just say "no" or set it at any price. But i want to be able to do it without breaking anything. Or be able to say why it is a bad idea. I am inclined tell them that an extra feat would cost the same as the PC's paid for their current level (past level 1 obviously). So how much would you charge for a feat?

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I would not allow purchasing feats, they can be extremely powerful & it's pretty impossible to set a fair price for what could be something like actor or GWM. Another reason I'd not allow it is because I don't even know the new feats well enough to name a set of winner/loser feats that actually exist in a5e's much more balanced feats off the top of my head & wouldn't feel confident in my ability to adjudicate prices yet. Players will usually respect that kind of answer with a clear understandable reason.


What sort of feat are you talking about? Because one like Fortunate would be much harder or even impossible to buy (since you're literally gaining the ability to manipulate reality), while Combat Thievery could go from anywhere to a purse of gold to a couple of drinks, depending on how well you know the teacher.


I would be very careful about allowing all feats to be trained in this manner. Likely I would limit them to not taking feats that are more destiny/new heritage related (such as Fortunate, Newblood, or similar, depending on what you allow) and I would likely limit them to only one feat in a feat chain (such as the multi-class feat trees). Other than those I would probably say approximately the same as you're charging for a level.

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