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What tech (on this list) should I pick for my Star Wars story?


I was wondering if anyone could help me make a decision on picking a technology for my Star Wars story. I’ve been editing the Wikipedia page “List of hypothetical technologies” for many months now. I’ve worked hard on it but I can’t pick something. Here’s the list.

I’m looking for something that

•Would be worth creating

• Wouldn’t be easily created based on existing technology.

•Something that doesn’t already exist in Star Wars Legends or Canon.

Believe it or not, a Dyson sphere actually appeared in Star Wars. It was called Iokath and appeared in The Old Republic MMORPG

You can pick anything on the list EXCEPT “Black hole starship” , “Language learning pill” and “Artificial super mitochondria” since I workshopped those ideas and I determined they don’t work
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The technology apparently exists in the Star Wars universe, but there has been relatively little exploration of machine-mind interfaces, mind uploading, genetically engineered creatures, and thought recording technology - especially outside the sphere of Jedi magi-tech. And, I think there is space here to introduce a dark side something as a BBEG that has Anakin's apparently unusual force powered life-machine interface thing going. Possible topics of exploration could include are Droids or could they ever be actually alive? Think 'Blade Runner' meets 'Star Wars'.


There was a previous thread on this subject. Review it to get more feedback.

I still like "hyperspace radar" that can see Imperial Cruisers (but not normal-size commercial ships), in addition to planets.

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