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D&D 4E What will happen to ENWorld when 4E is released?

Matrix Sorcica

If 4E is not OGL, will this place turn into a D&D only site, or will it be a mixed placed, with fractions flaming each other as to the glories of 4E v. d20?

Or will EnWorld be a nostalgic place, only discussing the glory days of d20?

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And so the prophet looked forward in to the ages untold...

"And so it shall come to pass a fourth coming of the great game shall occur. As in ages past some will cry out in anger as the great Wizards toy with them, others shall embrace the comming as the dawn of a new era. Thusly those who embrace the change shall take solace in thier new horizon, and those who choose not to embrace change shall eat pancakes with blueberry syrup. So sayeth the spider."


I think ENW will be representative of EVERY D&D transition I've been through. At first many gamers will be resistant to the change, then slowly more will check out the new rules and start playing them.

A small hardcore will declare themselves grognards and 3e/3.5e being the one true way. About 3 years into 4e, some who switched will stop and go back to an earlier edition because of perceived faults with the new rules.

There will be flame wars between all these camps on occasion.



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Vigilance said:
There will be flame wars between all these camps on occasion.

Not if the mods can help it, there won't be. You'll note that real flames get quenched pretty quick around here - generally before they develop into "wars".

If/when 4e is announced, discussion here will be civil, or it won't happen at all. Just like in this thread :)


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With 4e, Wizards will finally have achieved the real dream of adventuring gaming geeks everywhere. The Roll-1d4-For-Which-Edition-You're-Using-This-Week System!! It will be abbreviated to R1FWEYU (TM pending). Before each game, you'll roll 1d4, and use the rules from that edition of D&D.

Commensurate with this new mechanic, the core rulebooks for all four editions will be reissued in hardcover formats.

Problems will erupt when some people argue that 3.0 and 3.5 are "different" editions, and shouldn't be lumped in together. Others will point out that OD&D and the Basic D&D editions are left out of the table, resulting in flame wars over whether or not it should be more like Roll-1d8.

Overall, WotC sales will at least quadruple as gamers buy copies of all the editions ever printed! BRILLIANT! :lol:


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Depends. If 4e is generally percieved by ENWorlders to be a high-quality system and worthy successor to 3.xe, then over a few years, most of the D&D mechanics talk will be about 4e, with pockets of 3.x talk that are somewhat larger than the pockets of OD&D/1e/2e talk here, no matter what the licensing is (me, I'm expecting something generally a bit more restrictive than the OGL & d20 STL, designed to allow third-party expansions, settings, and adventurers, but prevent 4e-derived standalone games).

If for one reason or another most of don't like 4e, then ENWorld will end up the hangout for 3.x/d20 grognards.


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lukelightning said:
People will start speculating on 5e, of course!

No, silly, they'll start speculating on the quick release of 4.5!

(Seriously, when 4.0 comes out, why will *anyone* waste their coin? Surely they'll know that 4.5 is only 2-3 years away at most).

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Tiberius said:
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No, but I do know that you can reach Sigil from our world by reading a certain Monte Cook 2nd edition work, at a certain time, inside a certain baseball stadium, while whistling a certain song by Louis Armstrong. I'll keep the book, time, stadium, and tune to myself. Not because I am concerned over the possible discoveries dealing with the mysteries of the multiverse, but merely because I am adverse to large crowds hovering near my favorite portals.

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