D&D 5E What would be the most fun "All ____" Party?

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That's a really great idea! It would be fun to take a few of the current races and make them flying... I see elves with dragonfly wings, dwarves with beetle wings, Halflings with songbird wings...
What about a Minotaur with large, insect like wings?

You know, a Bull(et) with Butterly Wings?

I think an all-proficient in stealth party would be fun. We would be a shadowy strike force that enters undetected, attacks from surprise and disappears into the night.


Dusty Dragon
I ran a d20 Conan game in which everyone invested in Stealth, so it was an All Stealth Party. It really changed the dynamics of combat; most of the encounter was spent setting up ambushes!
This can work really well, especially in 5e with the group roll rules for stealth.


Dusty Dragon
I find these can be hard to get player buy-in, so I think some flexibility will be required to make it work.

This is where backgrounds and subclasses make a huge difference. Someone mentioned an "eco-fighters" campaign with only druids and rangers.... but what about a rogue scout? A paladin oath of the ancients? A wizard with the outlander background? So if you have that one player that won't play along, a compromise can be found...


Watership Down - Harengons "Hewow widdle wabbit!"

Appendages Assemble! - Loxadon, Simic, Thri-Kreen

All wake up Reborn - Mongrols stitched up from parts of defeated adventurers from some deathtrap dungeon. - That one could be a serious roleplay or very very silly. "That's my arm! Give it back!" "Kiss your ass"


Small God of the Dozens
So, on the theme of XXX Assemble, I feel like 5 Warforged that could turn into something huge and awesome would a really fun campaign. I'm getting warm fuzzy Voltron vibes.


Great Old One
I love that series and the next one.

Yes, it's interesting that Eddings did really well with the Belgariad with extremely varied stereotypes in the party, and the managed to do almost as well (it's a bit less "young adult", but honestly his transition to more mature subjects still feels a bit woody to me) with an almost all paladin cast. :)

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