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what about higher than lvl 20 stuff?
I'd love it too, but the overwhelming majority of parties don't play above level 12 or so.
Convincing people that the game can still be fun and challenging at very high level is something that needs to be done before it makes sense to produce material for even higher levels.
Besides, LU is compatible with O5e, which means that you can use any epic levels 3pp product (like Epic Legacy)

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For me, a key criteria for more content is online accessibility. If Home | Level Up has lists that you can sort through for Heritages, Cultures, Classes, Feats, Spells, etc., like then the additional content becomes much more usable.

As an example, the spell list search capability on Home | Level Up is quite good, but could do with a bit of enhancement. I'd like to able to sort for spells that do not have somatic components, or that have neither somatic nor materials components. Likewise, I'd like to be able to find Heritages or Cultures that give either armor proficiency, or natural armor.

If it is not searchable, then the more content that is published, the smaller the portion that is easily accessible, but I'm not sure how best to monetize this (at least to pay developers and the folks helping put the content online) while making it all accessible online. Have some subscription or lifetime fee to access it all online?

There also needs to be an easy mechanism to give feedback and point out errors to have them corrected fairly quickly. I've found a few typos in the Adventurer's Guide (e.g., the short description of Mirror Image under Warlock on page 285) and Home | Level Up (e.g., the range of Gear Spider's ranged attack is not 5' - it should be 20/40).


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Yeah, by the time I noticed there had already been votes cast, so maybe I'll just take the average of the two options? Not sure.
If you click on the votes for the option you can see everyone who voted for both options and who voted for one or the other. Ignore the duplicates, count the uniques. Problem solved.

7 voted for the second option that did not also vote for the first option. That puts Feats at 28, as of now.

Overall the things I would like to see in the future are things that are more specific to Level Up than base 5E. We have scads of monsters books, subclasses, feats, spells and the like. Even if we need to adapt a bit. So I want more Exploration tricks and Combat maneuvers, exploration encounters and such like that. Things that really lean in to what makes Level Up different from 5E.
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My main answer is tertiary systems, and mostly mass combat. I'd like to try DMing at higher levels eventually, and when PCs get power and status eventually involvement in politics and warfare seems inevitable.
More pie-in-the sky but I've always regretted the abandonment of modularity from the 5E beta back when they called it D&D "next".

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