What's a word that means "NPC or Monster"

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I'm blanking -- I need a single word with refer to all the NPCs and monsters in a game. I'm using "Extras" for random unnamed guards, farmers, etc., but I need a term to use in the text to refer to all the notable allies, villains, monsters, aliens, etc. It's important it doesn't say "monster" or "villain" as many are neither of those things. It needs to say "allies AND enemies".

In Star Wars terms --

Extra -- stormtroopers, moisture farmers, Cantina musicians

Hero - the players; Luke, Han, Leia

??? - the rest: Yoda, Vader, the Rancor Monster, Tarkin, Mace Windu

If Luke, Han, and Leia are « heroes » that makes Vador a « villain » and Yoda an « ally ».

Protagonists/antagonists/chorus can work using Greek tragedy nomenclature.

Personally, I’m fond of NPC or Gamemaster Characters (for sentient allies and antagonists) and creatures (for animals and fantasy monsters and beasts). That doesn’t fix the blurry lines of sentient monsters like dragons or demons, which is what you might be aiming for.

But ultimately, there are lead roles, supporting roles, and extras. So « lead » or « main » NPCs and « support » NPCs might differentiate the two, keeping extras for those with no consequential role.

The closest neutral and global term i can come with is « creature ».
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