What's the hierarchy of user titles?


41st lv DM
I know this is something really minor as you try & iron out actual bugs in the new system, but what's the hierarchy of user titles?
And could you put a Lv tag in front of them, ala 1e?

For example;
Lv 5: Explorer

Also, sometimes when I switch between font sizes the system won't let me default back to the standard size (15 I think?) & I have to edit the post. Wich still doesn't always solve it.

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Assuming Morrus hasn't had time to customize this, I'd guess the default Xenforo titles (and post counts) are used.

So I'd google that...


Victoria Rules
In the new system, in settings it seems you can change your 'title' to whatever you want. The rankings are just the default if you haven't changed it.

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