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[news]Seems to me like Wizards of the Coast is doing all kinds of things so that the players are involved in the open playtest. A playtest hotline is on the way, Mike Mearls is really starting to talk about some of the mechanics and thought processes for the use of those mechanics, and questions are answered by Rodney Thompson. Even more of Dungeon Siege is revealed, Ed Greenwood is still writing the Forgotten Realms, and Art of the Ancients is an amazing article. All that and more awaits so let's begin.[/news]

  • Mike Mearls sinks his hook into Monster Design in D&D Next for Legends and Lore. This time the readers receive a very detailed breakdown of how the design team is looking to create monsters in the next edition. I think this is an excellent article for anybody involved in the playtest to read because if you know what the design team is looking at, then you will know what sort of feedback will be the most advantageous for us all. Get involved in the discussion and give your opinion here.

    [*]The Eel and the Stingray by Chris Perkins in The Dungeon Master Experience is a great look at what you can do with a little bit of prep time. I have really grown to enjoy this article over time because of excellent advice like how to generate a map of a submarine, which is taken directly from Chris’s own game. Articles that help me run a great game without the prep time getting out of hand are always valuable.

    [*]In Rule of Three this week, Rodney Thompson answers questions about D&D Next. Questions about whether we will see paladins as a class, advantage/disadvantage, and modifiers, and racial ability bonuses are the focus of the article. With abilities playing such a large part in the next edition, it is good to see humans getting a little love in a different way from the last two editions.

    [*]Art of the Ancients by Matthew J. Hanson in Dungeon 203 is my absolute favorite type of article. I love detailed and descriptive lists and this article delivers. The lists are of various non-magical treasures that your players may find depending on where the treasure is from and the value. I love to include this level of detail in my game because players really enjoy, but it can be a bit time consuming.

    [*]Ed Greenwood delivers That Thing in the Crypt for Eye on the Realms for Dragon 412. This is a great piece to drop into your existing or D&D Next campaign set in the Forgotten Realms. The descriptive piece about a noble family and there crypt is set in Cormyr which is one of the best parts of the Realms already. Did you hear Ed is also writing the Forgotten Realms for the next edition? Find out all the details and join in on the conversation here.

    [*]Making of an Owlbear, Part 2 by Jon Schindehette for Dragon’s Eye View continues where he left off last week. He mentions the feedback that he received about the owlbear, and how he was surprised by the volume of it. Don’t be surprised Jon, the fans are passionate. Several illustrations of different takes on the classic creature are presented and the readers can vote for their favorite. EN World readers are talking about this and more here.

    [*]A D&D Next Playtest Hotline is coming June 14-16th. If you are involved in the open playtest for D&D Next and have questions Wizards of the Coast is providing you with the opportunity to ask an expert in the fledgling system to clear things up and get you set straight. I would say that shows a commitment to supporting the players and their feedback as the playtest moves forward.

    [*]Dungeon Command Preview 1 by Peter Lee allows gamers to see even more of the upcoming skirmish game. Last week we got a look at the rulebook and this week we get to see some tiles. I enjoyed the playtest for the game, which is looking great. The minis and tiles can be used in your rpgs as well.

    [*]Check out the 1st Edition DMG Excerpts: "C" Monsters by Bart Carroll to see what the book looked and looks like. It supports a great cause and will allow some of the newer players to see what the older gamers are talking about on the boards, blogs, and forums.

    [*]If you are looking for a game don’t miss out on the Store and Event Locator, newly updated by Wizards of the Coast for your gaming convenience.


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