D&D 5E What's your favorite one shot adventure?


One of my players asked me if we could run some one shots over the holidays, if we aren't able to get the whole group together on game night. He's new to D&D and wants to experiment with different character concepts outside of the one he created for our Ghost of Saltmarsh campaign, which I can understand.

I have collected many short adventures from the Adventurers League and from 3rd parties over the years but I'm having trouble deciding what to run. So to that end:

What's your favorite one shot adventure that can be run in 2-4 hours?

And why?

Grabs popcorn

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The Workshop Watches in Arcadia issue 1 by MCDM. The players are tasked with seeing what’s up at an arcane laboratory built into a mountain, only to learn that the entire library itself is an Arcane Intelligence that was made to help the mages with their work. Think HAL if HAL was made by wizards. Oh, all of whom are missing, turns out…

Voidrunner's Codex

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