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WOIN when collaborating on a task, does the dice pool cap apply?

Cat in the Hat

Imagine that three strong character (STR 10) of grade 5 are trying to move a boulder. If one of them pushes it they would roll 4d. If two of them try they have an effective STR of 20 so will roll 5d.
My question is what happens when three of them work together to push the boulder. they would have an effective STR of 30 which would give them 7d but they are each grade 5 so have a maximum dice pool of 5d.
It seems odd that 3 characters pushing a boulder would have the same chance as two. So I wonder, does the Maximum dice pool apply when characters collaborate on a task?

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Prodigal Member
Note that there is a different rule for assisting on the errata & FAQ page Errata & Rules FAQ — What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. - I assume this supersedes the rule in N.O.W. & N.E.W. The new rule is that one character rolls the check, with +1d6 for each person assisting. Those extra dice are not limited by the max dice pool because the limit only applies to the basic attribute + skill + equipment pool, not to extra dice from exploits etc.

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