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Where do Publishers prefer their reviews?


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As the review database is down and some reviews were lost, I've submitted some to the good old RPG.net.

I then decided to throw one onto Amazon.com.

When the En World review database down, do publishers have a preference of where reviews go at this point?

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I like to see reviews for Silven products (as well as my own freelance work) on RPGnow. ENGS was a good place to look also. RPG.net doesn't seem to put out as many reviews and Amazon doesn't cover PDF products as far as I can tell.
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Vigilance said:
Id like some threads here as well as rpg.net myself.

Speaking of which, can I send you something? :)

Shoto me an e-mail. I probably owe you a review or two as it. I'm drowning in the Ennies stuff as I'm trying to throw up some reviews of material I'm enjoying (like the 2nd and 3rd parts of Path of the Damned.)

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