Which bonuses stack with each other?

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Is there a list somewhere that says which bonuses stack with each other? I know that Dodge bonuses stack together, but I know there are others. However, I cannot find any. Isn't there a bonus called Competence Bonus or something that stacks with itself? If I could get a page reference or be pointed to somewhere on the 'net, that'd be cool. Thanks.

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The Glossary in the PHB is always a great place to look ...

stack: Combine for a cumulative effect ... Dodge bonuses, circumstance bonuses, and synergy bonuses, however, do stack with one another unless otherwise specified. Also, and armor bonus from a shield stacks with an armor bonus from armor ... (PHB3, p.282)


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DMG p. 176-177 (bottom of page, under "Bonuses From Magic").

Enhancement bonuses to armor and shields, enhancement bonuses to ranged weapons and ammunition, dodge bonuses, synergy bonuses, and some circumstance bonuses are the ones that stack.

Aust Meliamne

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thanks. I really should look in my books before posting....*sheepish grin*...:eek:

BTW, i like your avatar, Christian
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