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1E Which NEW class from a Dragon Magazine did you play or allow ?

Had a whole party of Dragon Magazine Ninjas (we were a clan), for the brand new module, our DM just bought: Ravenloft.

One Red Dragon Flambé TPK later.....no Ninjas.

So many NPC classes were used:

Elven Cavalier.
Barbarian Cleric....(was pretty fun)
Beastmaster (super OP)
Jester...(wasn’t there several versions, beyond Roger Moore’s?)
Deathmaster (super fun)
Dreamer (quite a few played actually)
Smith (just did not work as a PC)

No Anti-Paladins, though.

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Most all of them.
Bounty hunter
Death master
Revised monk
Even Neanderthal

but I did NOT allow anti paladin or archer. The dumb NPC classes like jester were never played.

How'd that adventure turn out?
TPK in the courtyard with the 4 red dragons. Literally we came in, got hit by 4 breath weapons and died. Those of us with rings of regeneration were allowed to come back after several hours of ‘being mostly dead’.


The only one I actually had a chance to try was their re-imagining of the Bard as a viable class on its own rather than the original high-level multi-classed monstrosity from the appendix of the PHB. Don't remember much about it though, as the campaign fizzled out after just a few sessions.


I need to brush up on my AD&D 1E/2E-isms, but wasn't that a thing for NPCs though? I seem to recall that, when they participated in battle alongside PCs, they were supposed to receive a cut of the XP also, gaining levels periodically, etc. It wasn't something the DM was just supposed to hand-wave, once they were part of the party, at least according to the rulebooks, and that's why those NPC classes had their own XP tables.
Not really. Henchmen/Retainers had XP progressions, but they aren't typical NPC's, but secondary player characters, and can take over as a primary pc as needed or desired by the player. So if a class isn't allowed as a PC, they're not allowed to be a henchman.

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