Which rpg got you hooked?


Which rpg got you addicted to the hobby? Doesn't necessarily need to be the first one you played. DnD was my first experience....and I didn't like it at all. But then I played the first edition of Warhammer. GM was running "The Enemy Within", and that was it, gamer for life.

Warhammer is the game I look at through rose coloured lenses. Clunky rules? Warts? Not that I can remember....

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Elder Thing
First edition Earthdawn whetted my appetite, but it was 2nd Edition AD&D that became my passion. I still miss those days of endlessly tinkering with the roughly 500 different subsystems that made everything sort of jive together.


My first was the Red Box... more recently Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e (the speed and simplicity that I need in these days as I can play only seldom and therefore mostly one offs, so I don´t want to waste time creating characters that I won´t have time to play or dealing with rules lawyers and heavy rules)... and even more recently I´m having quite a lot of fun with Savage Worlds...


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
Holmes basic got me my start and hooked me. AD&D, Traveller, and Villains and Vigilantes followed shortly thereafter.

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