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D&D 5E Which version of the Basic Rules is latest/best?


I've almost finished reading the PDF of the Basic Rules here: https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf. However, I came across attunement for a magic item in an adventure, Googled it, and the first hit happened to be the basic rules here: https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/basic-rules.

A quick glance at the relevant section (Chapter 14: Magic Items) shows significantly more information in the D&D Beyond version of the basic rules than in the Wizards.com PDF version. :eek: The Wizards.com version is marked version 1.0, dated 2018. I can't see a version number on the D&D Beyond version.

Any idea which is the latest/best version to learn, to get an overview of the rules and mechanics etc, before progressing to the full books (which I also have)? It looks like it's probably the D&D Beyond online version. But it's harder to get a sense of how far through the whole thing you are in a wiki-style website than it is with a PDF or physical book. I'm reading most of it in full, but skimming some of the lists of spells, monsters and magic items as just knowing they are listed somewhere is plenty good enough.


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The D&D Beyond version also includes SRD parts so it is likely drawn from there
Aah, thanks. I'd seen mentions of the SRD and OGL and hadn't looked them up before. So the D&D Beyond version is a sort of merge of the Basic Rules (180 pages in a nicely formatted PDF) plus the SRD version 5.1, 403 pages of a less nicely formatted PDF?

This makes me glad I'm starting with the Basic Rules PDF. Plus some Dungeon Dudes and Acquisitions Inc. episodes.
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Sparkly Dude
I'm a fan of the 2018 Basic Rules PDF, myself.

If only it had an indexed table of contents you could navigate using a sidebar so that you didn't have to keep returning to the second page to use the hyperlinked one! Argh.

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