Who has OGL books sitting in the warehouse for sale? I want to prioritize what to buy.


Quick question, if I check the "Digital Download" toggle, does that mean I'd be ordering print+PDF or just PDF?
Print + pdf. It’s handled separately though. Your book order goes right through,then I send a comp copy of the zip file (since it’s pdf, tokens, and mark down files) to your email via DTRPG.

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I have about 100 copies of Twilight Fables in storage that I was hoping to use at the next convention, but I might not have that opportunity...

They are available at my store to order directly.
I backed this, and because I was inattentive, I accidentally bought a POD copy, also. If anyone is considering this, get the printed copy!

The printed copy is gorgeous, high quality print and glossy paper, ribbon bookmark. MUCH nicer than the POD version.
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Paging Tribality Games, @shawnellsworth . :) Do you have any warehoused books for sale?

Sorry for the delay, just noticed this now...

We have under 100 copies available for sale for The Seas of Vodari (2020) remaining and we're taking pre-orders for Under the Seas of Vodari (2022), which is going to print this month and will widely release in PDF soon.

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