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ZEITGEIST Who Takes Over After Delft?


Genuinely curious. I don't see anything in the adventure path that would suggest who takes over for Delft after the events of act 3 with Saxby's role being assumed by Delft. We're at the last session or two of act 3.

If there's no one mentioned, do y'all see any issue giving the role to a player character? I've only read up to the end of act 5 and enough to have a vague outline of the rest of the campaign. Any Issues you foresee with this?

Edit: Specifying where the campaign is and how much i've read.
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formerly roadtoad
After the first adventure, I had Delft start assigning the briefings to various PCs, with a thought toward seeing who was best at taking his place. It's also a good way to find who is best suited to be King of Risur in the future!

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