Who To Follow In Tabletop RPGs On Twitter; Twitter 10th Anniversary Edition

I posted a list like this a few years ago, and it seemed pretty popular. However, time passes - so it's time for a new list, especially since today is Twitter's 10 year anniversary! This list is for those who use Twitter, and is designed to give you a "starter set" of tabletop RPG accounts you can follow. It's not exhaustive; I'm keeping down to a manageable number, with a mix of game companies, prolific bloggers, designers, and so on, pulled from the folks I myself follow. Sometimes a company will have an official account, and its employees also have individual accounts - I haven't attempted to list them all. Feel free to share who you're following in the comments!


I was going to include a section on bloggers, commentators, reporters, etc., but I ran out of time. Keep an eye on this page, as I'll likely come back and add a new section later!

As a side note - I'm aware that the list 'misses' several thousand RPG folks; listing them all is too great a task for me, but these are the ones I tend to interact with. It's a little current/ex D&D/WotC/TSR centric. But please do share your favourites in the comments.

[h=4]It's Me![/h]

  • Morrus. That's me. This is the 'official' (as much as that means anything) EN World account. I tweet about tabletop gaming news, along with assorted other geeky subjects. Most EN World news items get tweeted, as do some items which I haven't specifically written an article about. I try to cover as much major tabletop RPG news as I can. Follow me for D&D news, Pathfinder news, general tabletop gaming news, news about WOIN, Kickstarters, industry stuff, and other topics like space, sci-fi, Doctor Who, superheroes, and various assorted interests. Follow me!

[h=4]Company Accounts[/h]
These are the company accounts of a few major RPG publishers. Company accounts tend to be mainly promotional (for obvious reasons) but they're great for getting the latest official announcements.
  • Dungeons & Dragons. This is the official D&D twitter account. If you're a D&D fan, you should probably be following it. There's also the official D&D Adventurers League account.
  • Paizo. The official Paizo account for Pathfinder releases and other news.
  • ENnie Awards. The official account of the EN World Gen Con RPG Awards.
  • Monte Cook Games. For fans of the Cypher System, Numenera, and The Strange.
  • Evil Hat Productions. Evil Hat produces Fate, amongst other games.
  • Goodman Games. Follow for news about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG line. Not updated very often, unfortunately (only five tweets so far this year).
  • Pelgrane Press. Lost of GUMSHOE stuff, and 13th Age stuff. There's also a dedicated 13th Age account.
  • Sasquatch Games. Sasquatch made Princes of Elemental Evil and Primeval Thule.
  • Frog God Games. Frog God produces various third party 5E things, plus a bunch of Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder material.
  • Margaret Weis Productions. Firefly, Leverage, and more.
  • Green Ronin Publishing. So many things. Out of the Abyss, Mutants & Masterminds, Dragon Age, Song of Ice & Fire, Titansgrave, more.
  • Kobold Press. Made Tryanny of Dragons, used to produce Kobold Quarterly, and makes tons of 5E and Pathfinder material.
  • Catalyst Game Lab. For your Shadowrun or Battletech fix.
  • Fantasy Flight Games. As well as a billion boardgames, FFG produces the current Star Wars RPG.
  • Onyx Path Publishing. Licensed publisher of WoD tabletop RPGs.
  • White Wolf. Newly owned by Paradox, White Wolf will be publishing WoD material again in a range of formats.
  • Mongoose Publishing. Traveller, Paranoia, and a range of miniatures games.
  • Kenzerco. Follow for Knights of the Dinner Table and Hackmaster, amongst other things.
  • Steve Jackson Games. GURPS, Munchkin, Car Wars, Ogre, so much stuff.
  • Chaosium. For all that Cthulhu and Runequest goodness.
  • Cubicle 7. With plans for Middle Earth for D&D 5E, plus the Doctor Who RPG and The One Ring.
  • Modiphius. Kickstarter powerhouse and producer of board games and RPGs such as the Conan RPG.
  • Fantasy Grounds. The official licensed virtual tabletop for D&D.
  • Critical Role. The weekly D&D web show from Geek & Sundry.
  • Gale Force Nine. Licensed D&D accessories - cards, DM screens, etc.
  • Roll20. The other major virtual tabletop.
  • Dungeon World. Official game account.
  • TableTop. Wil Wheaton's baordgame web show.
  • Gen Con. Official convention account.

[h=4]WotC Employees[/h]
Because I know a lot of folks on this board will want to follow them!

[h=4]Individual Game Designers[/h]
I can't hope to list all the game designers. These are some of the ones I follow myself, in no particular order, not including those in the WotC list above.
  • Jason Bulmahn. The lead designer for the Pathfinder RPG. For Pathfinder fans, following Jason should be a no-brainer.
  • Kenneth Hite. Designer of more things than I can shake a stick at. He's worked for most tabletop RPG companies and currently does a lot of stuff for Pelgrane Press.
  • Sarah Newton. Sarah wrote the Mindjammer RPG.
  • Wes Schneider. The editor-in-chief over at Paizo.
  • Owen K.C. Stephens. Owen works for Paizo and for Green Ronin, as well as his own Rogue Genius Games.
  • Fred Hicks. Head honcho over at Evil Hat; Fred posts a lot of useful business advice for small game publishers.
  • Tracy Hickman. Ravenloft. Dragonlance. Goes without saying.
  • Robin D. Laws. Robin has worked on most everything, as far as I can tell. Designer of the GUMSHOE system.
  • Shanna Germain. Of Monte Cook Games. Editor, author, and designer. Cypher System must-follow.
  • Steve Winter. From Sasquatch Game Studio; worked on D&D 5E and on Princes of the Apocalypse.
  • David Noonan. Also from Sasquatch. Used to work for WotC.
  • Stan! Cartoonist and designer. WEG, TSR, WotC, and more.
  • Nicole Lindroos. Runs Green Ronin Publishing; was also part of White Wolf, Atlas Games, and more.
  • Liz Courts. Paizo's community and store manager.
  • Keith Baker. Creator of Eberron.
  • John Kovalic. Artist for Munchkin, amongst a million other things.
  • Sean K Reynolds. Worked for TSR, WotC, and Paizo.
  • Robert J Schwalb. The man with the name that's hard to type. D&D, Warhammer, and his latest RPG Shadow of the Demon Lord.
  • Charles Ryan. From Monte Cook Games, Charles was also the D&D brand manager for a while and did a lot on d20 Modern.
  • Steve Kenson. The guy who created Mutants & Masterminds and part of Green Ronin.
  • Angus Abranson. UK founder of Chronicle City; also founded Cubicle 7.
  • Peter Adkison. WotC founder, current Gen Con owner.
  • Jonathan Tweet. One of 13th Age's designers, Tweet also created Ars Magica and was one of the D&D 3E lead designers.
  • Rob Heinsoo. The other designer of 13th Age and a D&D 4E lead designer.
  • Chris Pramas. President of Green Ronin Publishing.
  • Erik Mona. Pathfinder publisher and previous editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine.
  • Wolfgang Baur. Head of Kobold Publishing. Worked for Dragon Magazine, WotC. TSR, and more.
  • Kevin Kulp. Designer of the Timewatch RPG.
  • Bruce R. Cordell. Ex-WotC, now at Monte Cook Games. The Strange was his brainchild.
  • Ryan S. Dancey. Architect of the Open Gaming License, worked at WotC, CCP, recently left GoblinWorks (which was making the Pathfinder Online game).
  • Monte Cook. Probably the most famous RPG designer these days. Founder of Monte Cook Games, lead designer on D&D 3E.
  • Margaret Weis. Dragonlance; head of Margaret Weis Productions.
  • R.A. Salvatore. He made a Drizzt.
  • Cam Banks. Game designer at Atlas Games. Lead designer of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.
  • Monica Valentinelli. Author and designer. Lead Firefly developer.
  • Ed Greenwood. Made some Realms which got Forgotten.

[h=4]Bloggers & Pundits[/h]
This is a list of just some of the many thousands of awesome bloggers and personalities out there. This list could easily be a thousand people long, so I've selected a sample of some I personally enjoy.

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Pelgrane also has dedicated accounts for Night's Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu, and TimeWatch RPGs.

You can also follow:
  • Simon Rogers, co-founder and joint owner of Pelgrane Press, and co-owner of ProFantasy Software Ltd. and The Noteboard.
  • Cat Tobin, Managing Director and co-owner of Pelgrane Press
  • Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, designer of The Laundry RPG, Traveller Core Rulebook, and Fear Itself 2e, as well as campaigns, adventures and supplements for RuneQuest, Trail of Cthulhu, Ashen Stars, Night's Black Agents, and 13th Age.

Adventurers League Admins (several of which are also prolific freelance designers):

Greg Marks: @Skerrit7h3green
Robert Adducci: @Raddu76
Alan Patrick: @warfteiner
Claire Hoffman: @DragonvuClaire
Travis Woodall: @travisWoodall
Bill Benham: @billBenham2


Pathfinder Society is at:


Paizo writer/developer Mark Moreland

Relic Dice

First Post
A comprehensive list, for most everyone. I'd also recommend many of those from GeekandSundry. People like Matthewmercer deserve an applaud for the work they've done in the RPG community.
+1 To whoever wrote the Ed Greenwood one. ;)


Not that anyone cares. (This is a rather old topic by internet standards) But I have recently started a project known as The Crystarium in which I'll be creating videos on all things roleplaying. The goal is to unite the fandoms of video game and tabletop RPGs in a way that exposes everyone to things they may not have known about. Right now as I'm still working on the first video (learning everything about it from scratch at this point, getting a team together such as musician and artist etc), I have created a twitter account that serves to build the core fanbase here [MENTION=68379]Cry[/MENTION]stariumNet . We also have a site www.crystarium.net in which I'll be accepting D&D 5e video game related homebrew content to host on the site. I've created some templates for everyone to download.

It's a big ambitious project I've wanted to do for several years, and I find now that I have enough time to put into it. I'm not expecting much to come from it, but hopefully it'll bring some folks from the videogame genre over to tabletop games, and possibly introduce some tabletop players to a video game series they may enjoy. Definitely more to come (this is the first post I have made about it... ever)

tldr; Twitter focusing on Tabletop AND Videogame RPGs here @ CrystariumNet

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