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Kickstarter Who wants full-color, Fantasy-themed terrain?


The tingling means it’s working!
TinkerHouse Games has been making full-color, easy-to-assemble TinkerTurf Sci-Fi Terrain for years, and one thing we’re always asked at shows is “When are you going to make terrain for Fantasy?”

Well, we've put the pandemic to good use and we’re fixin’ to roll out a new line of terrain for players of fantasy miniatures wargames and tabletop RPGs. And we’d love your input on what to put out there, first. If inexpensive, awesome fantasy terrain is of interest to you then please share your preferences via this survey:

Can you spare a few moments to take my survey?

Thank you so much! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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There are no place for comments on the survey. What I would like and find useful is some sort of blend between your style with the sci-fi terrain and the old Dungeon Tiles. Something less like a model or diorama and more functional like the flat tiles, but with something a bit more. I want function of play more than a display if you need to choose one way.


The tingling means it’s working!
Thank you for the comment, and good point. This thread can serve as comments for now, since the survey is already launched.

The prototyped look and design puts gameplay first. The building footprints are not 1:1 to what an actual building would be, for example--they're smaller, so that more terrain can fit on the table. On the flipside, we have a notion to do interiors that exaggerate in the other direction, to allow for greater tactical opportunities. In other words, the buildings are larger on the inside.

The style is likewise exaggerated fantasy. A Tim Burtonesque imagining of medieval architecture.

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