DMs Guild Wildspace System Creation


Design and customize your own Wildspace systems with the light and flexible system presented in Elmandar’s Star Charts on the Dungeon Master's Guild. Providing 26 pages of random tables and guidelines to detail Wildspace systems for use in your 5E Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign, this system was inspired by the random system rules from the 2e Spelljammer box set, and adds some modern updates to be more flexible and usable by the 5E rule set.

Included in Elmandar’s Star Charts are blank Wildspace system tracking sheets and Wildspace System Maps to help visualize the layout of your systems. The sheets and maps come in full color and printer friendly black and white options. Blank tracking sheets and maps are also fillable forms.

Elmandar’s Star Charts contains three complete Wildspace Systems for immediate use in your own Spelljammer and as inspiration for systems you design. These systems come with completed Wildspace Tracking sheets and Wildspace System Maps.

Navigating Wildspace can be difficult, so Elmandar also included four new magical items and two new magic spells in his book to help navigate the reaches of Wildspace.

Elmandars Star Charts Cover.jpg

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