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Wilmington, DE - D&D 3.5 Ed GM/Players needed


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Hello all! Merry met. A friend and I are working to start a dedicated, solid group of ‘mature’ experienced gamers in the Wilmington, DE area over the next several weeks. We play 3.5 Edition D&D. We’re looking to game probably one weeknight (Monday 7 pm – 11 pm) every other week which will allow everyone time in between to prepare and also have a life.

We are both in our 30’s and are experienced gamers. We are primarily into role playing, story, and character development with a bit of hack-n-slash thrown in for good measure. Please no power gamers or rules lawyers. Good old fashion paper, dice, and minis are always a pleasure. A nice well-rounded group and game is our goal. We’re looking for GM’s and players alike with a mix of men and women for a total of 6 – 8 members. Also looking for a mature, experienced Primary GM so if anyone has a cool campaign idea that they’ve been working on and would like to pitch, we’d be interested as neither of us has quite the time to dedicate to GMing at present.

We’ll definitely be doing traditional campaigning but with a number of group members who like to play and to GM, we’ll also be able to try something new – a round robin game where one GM starts the story, leads one to a few sessions and then passes it on to another in the group who leads one to a few sessions. If you really don’t want to take a turn, it will be ok too. We think it’d be a good way to keep everyone on their toes not knowing what will come next and also be a good time and a blast of fresh air.

So if you’re sincerely interested in getting a great group of gamers together for a great time and meet the qualifications above - come one, come all GMs & players and put your name in the hat for camaraderie and a magical time. Email me a bit of information about yourself and your style.

Merry Meet Again!

PS. We're also interested in networking with other gamers in the area to keep it fresh.
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