With our Grandmaster gone...

Should Wicht be promoted to Grandmaster Judge?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 100.0%
  • No

    Votes: 0 0.0%


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I nominate Wicht to be our new Grandmaster judge, being that:

a. He's been a master judge since forever. :)

b. He crafted the new rule set.

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All hail to the Grandmaster Judge of YB land!

I think that the reason that I would like to see this happen is because of the fact that he is still (obviously) active in this game whereas our current Grandmaster judge hasn't been active in some time...

And since he pretty much re-wrote the rules (with a little help), he's going to be the most familiar with them.


Well thanks guys :D

I think i will abstain from voting though :rolleyes: :)

Seriously - while a Grandmaster judge is a good idea in times of crisis I think a panel of good Master Judges is just as good in most cases.

My question would be - Who amongst the current journeyman judges should get a quick promotion just before the reset? who has been judging the most and the longest?


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wicht...I know I do not judge very often......but I would.... apon studing the new rules more carfully...... like to be promoted to the Master Judge status........ it's ok if you refuse seeing as I have only judged a good ten matches or so in my time here....but it would be an honor for me..... :)

oh yea..... sure...wicht for grandmaster judge is more than OK by me..:)
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well as one of the few remaining master judges. I hear by declare Wicht the new Grandmaster Judge.

If there's any other master judges who disagree then let them say so, but I doubt anyone has a problem with it.

Congrats Wicht, altho my condolances might be more in order :D

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