4E Wizards In Winter - Combined Thread (DM: Son of Meepo, Judge: ?)


"There is something unnatural about the ice here. The winter did not come so early to create so much. And the storm...eh, no it's just the suns glow."

OOC : missed arcana by one, have no chance on perception
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"Nice to meet you all, my name is Cyr Iannes. I am the voice of Joven on mortal realm. Let's hope The Lord of Storms favors us on this winter voyage."

On the voyage, Cyr was recovering from the ordeal of The Kolloseum. He was praying sitting at the bow of the ship, out of the way of the crew.

"I agree this ice is not natural, the storm is called, it's not the result of normal weather. And there are beasts in the clouds. Great winged ones. I'm not yet sure what they are, but dragons, wyverns and demons come to mind."

OOC: Crit perception :D, too bad about Arcana
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Merri is quite used to travel, but mostly her exploits are alone. She smiles friendly with the other people on the boat but hasn't spoken much to any one person.

She is whistling quietly when the change in weather is appreciated.

OOC: IC looks like it is still down.

[sblock=Merri's Stats]Merri - Human Hybrid: Ardent / Vampire 1

Passive Perception 16, Passive Insight 11

AC 15, Fort 13, Reflex 14, Will 16

HP 24/24 Bloodied 12, Surge Value 6, Surges 2/2
Vulneribility: 5 radiant

Speed 6, Initiative +3

Action Points: 1

Power Points: 2

At-Will Powers: Energizing Strike, Ire Strike, Taste of Life
Encounter Powers: Secone Wind, Surefooted Stride, Ardent Surge
Daily Powers: Lingering Fury

Allies within 5 squares get +1 to OA damage rolls and +2 to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.
Target of Ardent Surge gains +1 to attack rolls TENT
Merri has regeneration 4 while bloodied.
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Caim doesn't notice anything is amiss. Merri's low whistle catches her attention, however, and she approaches the girl, following her gaze out to sea. "What is it? Did you see something?" Caim takes a swig from a flask. She still seems unperturbed by the cold.
Ilex Cassine notices the boats slowing down and the loud rustle from the sails and moves to the front of the ship. Looking off the bow, Ilex notices a myriad of ice floats. "That's odd," she says to anyone near enough to hear her, "It hasn't been cold enough to form ice floats, never-mind cold enough for long enough to cause this many of this size. It appears the island of Solstice has been experiencing below freezing conditions for quite a while."

From Ilex's hood floats Luna the moonwisp. The moonwisp tinkles and shimmers a few time and Ilex appears to be talking to the moonwisp. "You want me to look at the edge of the storm?" Luna tinkles and glows some more. Ilex concentrates for a short time and then exclaims, "I see it! That's elemental magic, strong elemental magic!" Luna tinkles and shimmers happily and retreats back to the warmth of Ilex's hood. "That likely explains the ice floats around the island and the abrupt storm! The storm is not natural, if it were it would be coming from that direction," Ilex points about 150 degrees off to the rear starboard of the ship.

OOC: Ilex auto makes the first nature roll and hasn't a dream of making the perception check unless someone on the low level boat is offering a +1 to perception checks.
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OOC: Well, that was a pretty darn good perception roll for me, but since I didn't make the DC....

Merri squints into the horizon, "I thought I did, but no. Just... something isn't right."

Merri turns and addresses the warrior, "My name is Merri. I'm pleased to meet you." She extends her gloved hand. Caim experiences feelings of warmth and kindness eminating from the young woman.


OOC: Those are expert DCs for our level, don't feel too bad. Looks like our Hamadryad has it covered in any case.

"Caim," she answers, turning from the railing to answer the girl's regard. She frowns as she shakes the proffered hand- the feel-good waves this young woman was putting out really didn't mix well with her bourbon. Between Caim's familiarity with psionics and her sharp intuition, she recognizes the nature of Merri's emotive radiance. Caim looks away from the girl and back to sea, and says mildly, "Can you tone that down a bit, or is your control still unrefined?"


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Sitting only a few feet from the deva on a bench, unnoticed by all until he spoke, the unremarkable man added softly, Yes. The storm is not a favor of our Dark Lady; it is not her touch of season here.
OOC: Pass both Nature. Nothing else.
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Brenwar nods along with the rest seeing that the storm is unnatural, but is unable to offer any other helpful advice.
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Oi! This is terrible!

*Looking out over the railing of the ship on his tippy-toes. Just barely being able to see. He turns back to the rest of the gathered group upon the ship he was stationed on. Lowering himself from his tippy-toes.*

All the lasses are on the other ship! This is terrible terrible news indeed.

*He nods to no one in particular.*

Now what ever is a fire goblin to do. Hmmm....

*He ponders to himself. Looking up at the storm brewing over head.*

Well then....that's new.
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Nalkyr leaned one booted foot against the rail of the ship, leaning both arms on his knee. It was a distinctly nautical pose which the young eladrin felt imminently appropriate, given the situation. A chill wind brushed over him, and he brought both hands up to pull his cloak tighter. Nalkyr could appreciate water. He preferred to appreciate it from a distance, however, as a quick glance down at the water reminded him.

Nalkyr could swim just fine. But there were... things... in the water. With. Tails. And fins. And things.

The eladrin sighed, pushing up from his pose to glance at the gathering storm ahead- if that's what it was. The others on the ship were speculating on it, but Nalkyr simply drifted over, unwilling to extend himself into that realm of hypotheticals.

They just weren't his forte. Blades were. The young eladrin sighed. He hoped that his forte was good enough for the job at hand- as always, niggling doubts and anxieties chewed at the edge of thought.

"Well. That looks like twouble." Nalkyr said innanely, resuming his position at the rail and trying not to look at the water below.
The young woman with the golden-brown eyes of a lioness kept towards the bow of the ship, enjoying the wind and spray despite the cold, at least for now. She had only been on board such a vessel a few times before, so the trip had a certain novelty to it.

Once the storm began to brew up, she could tell SOMETHING was wrong, but the sea was very different from her homeland- she thought she could tell what was going on, but she was not certain. She did move back from the bow, however, towards the captain and most of the others...
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Marrgash looks out across the seas, feeling slightly unwell at the rock of the boat. He stumbles over to the side of the boat and clutches on, fearing that he will lose his breakfast at any moment. As the storm grows he looks out across the seas. Despite being aware that there was some commotion on the ships, Marrgash struggles to focus on anything as his stomach recoils at the rocking of the boat.
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