D&D 2E Wizards of the Coast releases pay-for-download PDFs of the Thief's Player Pack and the Thief's Screen


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Old school fans of thieves rejoice! Wizards of the Coast has released two pay-for-download PDFs related to your favorite character class: the Thief's Player Pack ($4.95) and the Thief's Screen ($4.95), both for AD&D 2nd Edition.

The obligatory enthusiasm over new products being released aside, these two choices are a bit...odd. The Thief's Player Pack was a plastic carrying case that, according to its Wikipedia entry, contained "a pad of character sheets, a stand-up reference screen, a brief but informative player's guide, seven polyhedral dice, three pewter miniatures, and a shiny red pencil." I'm guessing that the PDF doesn't contain the dice, miniatures, or pencil. Or the carrying case, for that matter.

Similarly, the Thief's Screen is essentially a DM's screen, but for players. While the interior has charts and tables that are likely handy for someone playing a thief character, I suspect that the utility of preventing other players - or the DM - from seeing your dice rolls might be compromised somewhat by the PDF format, unless you're up for printing on some cardstock and then attaching the pages to each other.

These are the newest PDF releases from WotC, following Luck of the Draw (a supplement for Three-Dragon Ante/D&D 3.5) and Gamma World 2e.

Other recent PDF releases from WotC have been The Complete Starter Set: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game 2E, Blood Spawn (Birthright), the Savage Coast Campaign Setting (Mystara 2E), and Savage Coast: Orc's Head (Mystara 2E). Other PDF releases have included the Shattered Keeps map pack, the Worlds of Adventure fast-play game for AD&D 2E, the Hexagonal Mapping Booklet, Quadrille Graph Paper, Outdoor Geomorphs Set 1 - Walled City, Player's Secrets of Muden (Birthright), The Planescape Conspectus, Midnight on Dagger Alley (AD&D 1E), the AD&D 2E starter set Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game, and the 3.5 Deluxe Character Sheets.

Free releases have included Wrath of the Immortals (BECMI), The Book of Regency (Birthright), Three Dragon Ante, Rob Kuntz's To the City of Brass, and the World of Krynn Trail Map and The Eastern Countries Trail Map (Mystara).

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The thief's "screen" is a nice summary of thief specific rules (e.g. weapon stats for only the weapons allowed to thieves), and would work as simple A4 sheets (not as a screen).

What I miss is the little triangular fold things with essential info — not as blocking as a screen, but still useful.

(Blocking goes both ways too, as every DM that ends up standing up to reach onto the table to adjust minis knows all too well)

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