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Wod you watch a 5 Torches Deep Actual Play


First Post
On Fridays I have been playing a old school style RPG called 5 Torches Deep.

Rough edit of something I've been working on. Thinking of maybe producing actual play videos of our Friday sessions.

Would this interest anyone?
After watching this would you watch any future ones?
Would you be more likely to watch if it stays one long video or broken down to smaller 45 minutes/1 hour long?

Please forgive the sound levels and the watermark, this is just trying some stuff out and would work on editting things properly if we went forward with the project.

Going by feedback from the places I have posted this, I wasn't really expecting there to be a large audience but my postings have revealed there is some interest and I liked making it so think I will continue.

I have created a second episode, this one a lot shorter, decided to break each session down into multiple videos.

No watermark on this one. 🙂

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