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WOIN [WOIN] Advancement via XP


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First time poster here, I'm really enjoying the OLD/NEW books...

Question: After character creation, and after enough XP has been saved, if the player chooses a "new career grade" can she pick from ANY of the careers available?

Careers like "Academy", "College", or "Prisoner" don't make sense unless you put in the time.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Any career choice requires the GM’s permission. Absolutely, things like College aren’t appropriate when you’re on a starship on the edge of known space. Careers require a narrative rationale.

Steven Barker

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You could probably justify a college degree as being something the character had been working on for some time via correspondence courses during their spare time between adventures. The Academy perhaps less so. But maybe there's a semi-civilian version of your galaxy's military training school, for certifying merchant ship officers.

Anyway, seems like something a player could discuss with their GM to collaboratively find a good explanation, if there is one.

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