WOIN WOIN Base Campaign

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WOIN is a generic system. While there are small elements of flavor baked into some things (Elves with Muskets in the OLD book for example) the system really shines when you are using it to make your own world and your own custom content. Or adapting another one for that matter.

Unfortunately, there really isn't a setting out of the box for you to run from to my knowledge (there may be something for NEW perhaps? I don't know) No timeline or specific nations and what have you.

That said, the EONs articles on Patreon provide a lot of really useful resources for creating your own custom races, generic adventures and other nice little resources. Not bad for a dollar or three a month. But you can easily eyeball things and do just fine making your own races, careers, exploits, gearand more to fill out your own world.

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