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Perfectly... the Reach was a large sector of space that the Union identified as rich with a lot of good worlds for colonization and development. The sponsored lots of early colonization and corporation to expand into the area, but the war broke out with another stellar empire and the Union pull most of their personal and money out of the region. They set up the UFA as sort of a semi-legal caretaker to at least enforce what Union laws they could. Too cut back on costs the UFA relies on Regulators. They help train and sponsor the Regulators but otherwise allow them a lot of free reign, but also they are responsible for a lot of their personal upkeep (no medical or dental or retirement plans for you!!)

Corporation and the colonies have a lot of autonomy but have to be self dependent as the UFA can offer little assistance except with the Regulators. So really only basic law enforcement and mercenary like assistances, nothing like food or medical or industrial imports, etc. except in emergencies. They can trade with others and the Union still makes some demands but otherwise they are left on their own. The technology is much lower then back in the Core Worlds and the populations are shattered. The largest colonies or corporate holdings are a few hundred thousands people. The largest and oldest is Paradise Prime, one of the first colonized worlds some 20 years ago, which boost a world wide population of just over one million people mostly settled on the northern continent.

The Reach is fairly large spread over 30 or 40 some parsecs with numerous worlds that are near ideal for Human life and hundreds more that are within tolerance or also being terraformed. Those with heavy terraforming on are mostly corporate sponsored and have other high values to warrant the expense such as mining, and were originally set up by the Union. They sold the machinery and needed equipment off cheap as it was too expensive to recover and they needed quick cash for the war effort.
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Well, that was fun
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Substantially closer! The discrepancy in AGI and STR is from the missing Homeworld, along with the missing skill rank. I think the only thing I'm not understanding right now is the LUC stat, which is quite a bit higher in this than I understood it to be from the book...as well as the LOG dice pool which shows 5d6 instead of 4d6 on a stat of 11.

I think it's your LUC that's wrong -- even when I do it by the book rather than the generator, I get the same result.

The 5d6 looks like a little calculation error. 11 is definitely 4d6. Probably an easy fix!

I am curious to know if the change to Android rules (choosing 2 Modification exploits instead of 1) is an official change to the race, or a mistake in the program. Either way, it'd be good to have an option to select Modification exploits from the race selection and then later on if System Upgrade is chosen as a universal exploit. Though I'm sure you're already aware of that as well. :)

Androids get expanded a lot in the Galactic Sentience Catalog. Loads more modification exploits, and yeah, they go up to 2 modifications in that book as a revision to that race.

Being able to select sub-components of exploits means writing code for each individual exploit - an immense job. From a rules design point of view, exploits are an exception-based open list of mini-rules. There are lots of exploits which have effects, but for now I'm just outputting the text of exploits and letting the user apply them manually. Writing code for each exploit would take me months. :)

Oh, also the Robotics skill. Very interested in that one too. A new skill being added?

There's no definitive list of skills; it's all keyword-based. I slipped robotics into the the technical skills, along with electronics, as I've seen players create those two skills time and time again. Figured I may as well save them the effort! :)


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Ahh, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

This is my first character using the final rules, so it's very possible I just missed some modifiers to LUC. I'll recheck my work.

I figured robots would be covered by Engineering, but I can work with Green Karl on what skills do what in this game then.

Thanks again!


Well, that was fun
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The incorrect dice count (5d5 at 11) was just a typo in the code. Should be fixed now! Also I added a printer friendly version of the final character.

(Sorry [MENTION=6801242]GreenKarl[/MENTION] -- looks like this side topic rather overtook the thread!)


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Green Karl, do you want to draw a line between Engineering skill and Robotics?

Just need to know how thin my skill points need to be spread. :)

Also: [sblock=Portrait]
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Angel Black

Here is a write-up for my character, Angel Black. I took averages rather than rolling stats. Also, the history assumes a Klick attack on a backwater named Grit; if that creates a problem, let me know and we can re-tool.

Also, she has a significant Rep. I figure that applies maybe to bounty hunters and those who move in those circles, rather than being applied to a specific planet.

[sblock=Angel Black]
Angel Black, a 28-year old female Alert Human, who is going to get this job done, dammit.
Homeworld: Desert

Moisture Farmer
Bounty Hunterx2
Police Officerx2


Pistols 3 Martial Arts 1
Rifle 1 Dodging 1

Survival 1 Driving 1
Engineering 1 Tracking 1
Perception 1 Bureaucracy 1
Intimidate 1

Prey: Humans
Out of Place

Alert (+1d6 Percpetion, always wins init ties)

Health: 17
Speed: 5
Jump: 14’/3’
Carry: 90
Init: 3d6
Melee Defense: 14
Ranged Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 10
Vital Defense: 10
Unarmed Damage: 1d6+2
Starting Credits: 350

Regulator Gear: Disruptor Pistol, Survival Tool Kit, Mesh Lining Longcoat
Rifle (Slugger), Pistol (Slugger)
Backpack, Binoculars, Handcuffs, Knife, Planetary Communicator
Full whiskey flask (contains 3 drinks)
Credits in-hand: 50


Angel van Buisseth was born in the Reach. Her parents were Sooners, part of a group that moved in before the Union gave the go-ahead so that they could get out from under the yoke of the corporate world where they’d been raised. They settled on Grit, an aptly named world with mineral wealth and practically nothing else to recommend it. Angel grew up fighting a perpetual battle to keep the dust from infiltrating the moisture harvesters and swallowing the farm.

At the age of 14, fate intervened. Mallax, a Felan bounty hunter, came to Grit chasing a rogue corporate executive. He got lost in a dust storm and ended up at the farm. When he started asking questions, Angel remembered she’d seen the man in town, and figured out how to find him. This impressed Mallax, especially when the girl demanded a cut of the bounty for the information. When the job was complete, Mallax offered to take her on as an apprentice to learn the trade.

She worked with him for several years, traveling from system to system and hunting down all manner of criminal. She took the alias “Angel Black” to make it harder for any angry acquaintances to trace her back to her parents. Mallax taught her how to take criminals alive, as the rewards were usually better, but also taught her not to hesitate when it was time to pull the trigger. When Angel decided she’d learned enough, they parted ways. When their paths have crossed since, their relationship has swung between vicious competition for the same bounty and laughter over beers.

Angel built a rep for herself, spending years hopping from world to world after embezzlers, escaped felons, criminals on the lam, and unfaithful lovers with rich and vindictive exes. On the way to claim the payoff for a particularly lucrative job, she booked passage aboard a freighter. She fell for a crewman, Aneth Vance, and the two had an intense romance in the close quarters of the ship.

Two days before the voyage ended, it came as a shock to find that, despite precautions, she was pregnant. She told Aneth, who gave all appearances of being happy about it. But he disappeared within hours of their hitting port.

This was a stupid thing to try with a top-drawer bounty hunter. Aneth woke up the next morning to a knife at his throat and the kind of smile you never want to see on an ex-lover’s face. But she left without hurting him. She’d just wanted him to know she could have.

No one ever asked Angel why she decided to keep the child, and if they had, she would not have known how to answer. But she’d put together enough cash to settle down somewhere and do something else. And maybe she was just tired of a life where she woke up every morning hoping to meet one of humanity’s most contemptible specimens.

She returned to Grit. She had vague notions of buying some land, but she found something more suitable. The settlement where she had grown up had become large enough to get a name – Greenrock – and the town council had just decided they needed a sheriff. Angel was perfect – she was from the community, but had been away long enough that she wasn’t caught up in any of the local feuds.

As she started to show, there was some grumbling in the town that maybe she should have told them she was pregnant. This ended when, 6 months into her term, a local troublemaker decided this was a good time to help himself to some expensive bottles from the local saloon. When Angel confronted him about the theft, he said some things that proved to be unwise. A moment later, as he was lying in the dirt moaning in agony, she explained that it was, “*Sheriff* fat, ugly, bitch.” He paid for the whiskey and the town stopped grumbling.

The 6 years that followed were good. Her son, Gareth, grew healthy and strong, and Angel’s parents sold the farm and moved in with them. Angel was a fixture in the community, working with Mayor Teegal to keep order in the growing mining town.

It was the Klicks who ruined it. Angel and Teegal organized an orderly evacuation as soon as the orbital bombardment began, somehow managing to get 200 people across open desert over a three day march to the spaceport. To this day, Angel does not know if the Klicks actually landed to take possession of Greenrock or if they just blasted it for spite.

The Union was organizing a mass evacuation, and the family boarded a hastily-modified freighter. They wound up on Clemency, a world of little value where the Union had set up a refugee settlement.

Angel had seen refugee settlements in her prior life, and it took less than a nanosecond for her to decide that her son was not staying in this one. She needed cash in a hurry, so she called an old friend at the Regulators. She got a job and a signing bonus on the strength of her reputation, blew the cash setting her parents and son up in an apartment on Clemency, and wandered off to take on her new gig.

She is too much the Reacher to waste time bemoaning her misfortune. She does not want to be away from her son, and would rather there were something she could do for her friends languishing in the refugee camp, but this is the best she can do right now. She will go where she needs to, clean up whatever mess is put in front of her, and kick any asses that need kicking. But the Regulators had better not be late with those checks.


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Excellent!! No a klick attack on the world of Grit sounds great to me.

Ok now to get the game a rolling. I should have something up later today or tomorrow. I will also probably create a Rogue's Gallery.


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Rogue's Gallery is up!!! Please post your characters there.

Also, if you can find a cool picture and can post a link or photo with your character you can start with +5XP
If you come up with a basic background/backstory you also gain +5XP. I would like to see a reason why you have joined the Regulators if possible. Also you can assume that you have all meet, as the UFA has sponsored some training between you all. The UFA also employs a bunch of psychologist and social-engineer types and when you each joined the UFA you went through a battery of psychological tests to determine who you would/could best work with and were assigned into this newly formed team. You have spent a few weeks together going through orientation and training together to really jell as a team.

You can spend these XP now or save them. The Houserule right now is that to raise a rank is the level x5 (instead of x10). Otherwise all other XP expenses are as the book.
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