WOIN WOIN:NOW - Catching a disease via an attack by the environment


From WOIN:NOW Core Book 1.2, p. 156:
Catching a Disease
To be affected by a disease, a character is subjected to an attack against Vital Defense. This could be as a result of a creature attack, or poison, or even an attack by the
If the attack is successful, the character contracts the disease.
My emphasis added to the quote. In a topic rather à propos to our current world situation, how would one go about rolling for an attack by the environment? How should one determine how many attack dice does a specific environmental vector (airborne/respiratory, mucous membrane contact, etc.) should have? Just looking for some opinions as I may want to use this in my next game session in two days.

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You’d need to give the environment an attack roll. It will vary, of course. If it’s in a published adventure it might say something like “The fumes in the volcano are noxious. Every minute, the PCs are subject to a 4d6 vital attack.”

For your own adventures, it’s up to you how dangerous that is!

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