WOIN WOIN OLD Can the Smith upgrade single item through Forge exploit tree?

Can the Smith from OLD use the Quality Forge exploit to improve an ordinary item made earlier with the Forge exploit, or is each item a discrete object with quality set when first crafted? '

For example, our WOIN Star Wars game has a Mandalorian who wants to take Forge to make Sollustran Battle Armor (17,500 Cr. reduced to free with Forge exploit) then upgrade it with Quality Forge. There isn't a lot of cash in the game and he can't see getting enough to buy a new set every quality level for the improvement exploits.

  • Forge (requires weaponsmithing or armorer). You forge yourself a single standard quality weapon (weaponsmithing) or suit of armor (blackmithing), which you gain for free.
  • Quality forge (requires Forge; weaponsmithing 4 or armorer 4). You forge yourself a single high quality weapon (weaponsmithing) or suit of armor (blackmithing); you must pay for the standard quality version, but it becomes high quality automatically.

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