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1/ During character creation, can a player voluntarily take the Prisoner career?


2a/ Prison Tough (N.E.W.): Each time you go to prison you gain a permanent +1 bonus to your DEFENSE and MENTAL DEFENSE

2b/ Prison Tough (O.L.D.): Each time you take this exploit you gain a permanent +1 bonus to all three of your Defense scores.

Both are confusing... In 2a/ I don't know if "DEFENSE" means a particular defense, if so which one, or multiple defenses. 2b/ is confusing in the same way as telling someone to take all three of my kids to the park when I have four of them at home.

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Well, that was fun
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You can take any career voluntarily.

OLD v1.1 only has three defences. v1.2 will have four, like v1.2 of.NEW. Both are the same exploit: +1 to all defenses.


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Your profile says Biloxi, you must have grown up here and moved away.

I was looking for a new game, as I am waiting for Savage Worlds edition upgrade to trickle down. After reading enough different systems, you can gauge an authors ability to critically think by the way the core system is designed. That is where I was disappointed with every game I recently read like Warhammer 4e, Zweihander, Coriolis, Symbaroum, etc. I stumbed on WOIN, which was a surprise as I thought I had heard of every system out there, how did I miss this.

I downloaded almost all of the Gold and Silver ennie award winners and was especially disappointed with those. But I understand the value of the ennies is not to necessarily to showcase a great system, but to keep interest in the industry which had all but died by the 90's.

Anyway once I read WOIN core rules you can tell the author (Morrus?) knows what he is doing, unlike many authors in other games, especially the games that get a re-boot from an older to newer edition by a new author who did not invent the original system. The author of WOIN thinks like someone who has played war games in his past and probably he has a better understanding of the way real combat (small group vs small group) works over most others.

This process has taught me to follow the author as a few are more gifted than others...


Ah, I'm back in Atlanta. Forgot to change my location. Lived in Biloxi for a year for work, then back to my house in McDonough.

Yes, Morrus is the author. WOIN can be deadly game for those that don't think in terms of positional modifiers. The hardest part for me was remembering to trade attack dice for additional damage dice. Without that you're just bouncing off SOAK and armor.

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