World Creation, as a travel guide instructs children

Wildsam makes travel guides. They tend towards the off-the-beaten path type of thing, with a lot of narrative and experiential elements. You could read one of their guides and feel as if you toured the city without visiting it.

Due to the pandemic they put out a five-page instruction booklet for kids to create their own version of the guides.

Imagine this: you wake up tomorrow, roll out of bed, you look out your window – and everything outside is different. You’re in the middle of the Amazon. Or in the center of a bunch of skyscrapers. It’s a new world, fresh and surprising and full of things to explore. Wouldn’t that be incredible?
This Field Guide is like waking up in a totally new place. It’s about becoming an explorer. It’s about asking questions you’ve never asked before. It’s about poking around with a purpose to find out what’s special about where you live. No matter where you live – we promise – there’s always a new world to discover out there.

If you go through their discovery process you will build a vision of a new world, one related to the real world, but unfamiliar and amazing. Answering all the questions for your homebrew will add vibrancy to your narrative descriptions.

I'm looking forward to filling this out for my owner world now, because my D&D space is about more than dark dungeons and powerful dragons.

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