Worldographer Updated with new Cosmic Sector Generator


This month's Worldographer update is very cool: a whole new generator for making sector & sub-sector maps for outer space campaigns. To use it, pick the "New Sub/Sector Cosmic Map" option on the File menu in version 1.53 of Worldographer. After you select a map size and a few other settings, it will generate a cosmic map for you. Notes are added for each system which tell you the planet's size, population, tech level, hydrographics, and so on.

To see & edit the notes, click the "Add/Edit/View" button next to "Notes" on the bottom left of the Worldographer window, then click on any note icon (by default semi-transparent yellow boxes on the map). To clean up the map view, un-check "Show" next to the Add/Edit/View Notes button.

Several other bug fixes & enhancements are also included.

To get the software update, go to the Worldographer download page.


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