"Worthless" Treasure and Magic Items


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I plan on running KotS soon, but want to make the treasure found a little more interesting. I would like to add items throughout that would appear useless, and probably will be, unless the players think of something particularly useful to use them for. I'm thinking things like a bag of marbles, a crude globe of the world, etc.

Also, I'd like to throw in some innocuous, simple magical items. What kinds of items would you toss in there?

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I wouldn't put in anything new myself, the items they have in there are enough for what the party needs a given level (you actually come out ahead of the level curve at first with items) any more, and I am not sure what would happen to the setup.

If you take into account the more items you've introduced to the game and change encounters and what not as necessary I don't see what it could hurt though.


Ah, sounds like a call for one of my DM tools. Now this stuff IS useless, but fun.

Hope you enjoy ;). I have written MANY DM tools and charts like this to add a bit of spice during the game.

Cheers, C


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Thank you! This is exactly the type of stuff I'm looking for.

And Canageek, this is just the type of thing that I'm looking for as well. A magical item, that would normally appear useless at first glance, could be used in clever and useful ways.


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I made some random treasure cards to take the place of "art objects". Although most are kinda useless, the PCs have found uses for some, like a juju mask, or a flask of dwarven beer etc. Once I clean it up and add a few things I can post it here, or otherwise, PM me with your e-mail and I'll send you a copy (Word Doc).

Also, one totally useless magic item I included was the....

Glow Orb...purchased from a kinda weird traveling merchant gnome for 15gp. The orb glowed a im light which the party used to light their way in the darkness (gods know that they had TONS of sunrods but chose to use ONLY the orb for some unknown reason). I gave the orb a "limited lifespan" and it happened to fade right in the middle of battle against "grandma" who was a wight...while fighting within her VERY dark house.


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