WotBS WotBS Elemental Spirits

Ziggy Napalm


I am in the process of creating a calendar for my campaign based on the 4 elemental spirits (the Tidereaver Kraken, the Worldshaper Worm, the Flamebringer Dragon, and the Stormchaser Eagle).

I was only able to find the name for the Stormchaser Eagle (Avalona). Were the other three spirits ever named? If not does anyone have ideas for what their names might be?

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They're mentioned in a sidebar on page 4 of adventure 10.

Jhial-el-Avilona, the stormchaser eagle
Khor-el-Jiese, the flamebringer dragon
Silesh-el-Mavisha, the tidereaver kraken
Thuuga-el-Shembul, the worldshaper worm

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