WotBS WotBS printable maps/resources

Is there anywhere that I can find maps and other art from WotBS at printable quality? I'm planning to run this for some friends, and am looking for battlemaps and other handouts that I can print (e.g., a nicely sized version of the world map, of the Gate Pass map, etc.). The links on Resources appear to be broken -- is there somewhere else where they are available?

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I think Morrus said that they were on the old server and that he could get them.

The problem with the battlemaps (as far as I recall) is that all secrets and hidden enemy placements etc. are marked on them, so you will have to do some editing to make use them as spoiler free battlemaps.


The stuff on this page is the highest quality available. Click on an image, and then click the "View Full Size" link in the bottom-right corner.

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