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WotBS with a completely non-diplomatic party?


The caption on this picture on the front page brought home something I've noticed in our WotBS game (just now entering the Elven kingdom)... this campaign seems suited to a more diplomatic party than ours.

Shalosha, daughter of Lord Shaaladel of the Shining Land of Shahalesti, a warrior princess with diplomacy in her heart. Having once tied their loyalty with the Ragesians during the reign of Coaltongue, the elves with their mighty fleet are now ready to cast their lot on a new direction. Befriend Shalosha and earn a powerful ally, or cross her and make a vicious enemy.
Our group does not have a single character with Bluff or Diplomacy. We do have 1 Cavalier with Intimidate (played as a gruff commander type who barks out orders in combat but otherwise keeps quiet), and my character has a good Sense Motive, but otherwise, we are useless in diplomatic situations. The DM has already had to skip over or quickly through some diplomacy-heavy sections of the campaign, and we wondered whether it might not be a good idea to get at least 1 character for whom Charisma was not the dump stat (seriously, I think the party's average Chr is an 8, my dwarf has a 6). We didn't plan it that way, we just all came up with our characters on our own and it so happened no one took a diplomatic type.

So are we really handicapped in a campaign that seems to be at least somewhat about diplomatic relations? I can only imagine the elven princess's reaction to our party of social misfits that couldn't talk their way out of a paper bag, and to a man have net penalties and no skill ranks at diplomacy...

PS: I appreciate the nice looking previews on the front page, but also remember not to give away too many spoilers for people who are playing the campaign!


Well, that was fun
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Well, that caption's for the MMORPG, and I've no idea how close it will hew to the actual adventure path.

But yes, I'd say you'd be at a slight disadvantage - but not a major one. Many of the diplomatic aspects are related to your actions rather than council meetings. There are times when it would help, but I don't think it'll cripple you.

Marius Delphus

There's certainly room for heroes who are the "Deeds, Not Words" type. In addition, there's at least one NPC the heroes meet in Adventure Three who would be happy to be their diplomatic "representative."

As written, Katrina also has a hidden agenda, however.


Without giving too much away, there is ample opportunity (at least later on) to have others represent you or even to just be the type that your allies say, "well, they aren't much to talk to, but I'd follow them into the heart of Ragesia any day."