WotC WotC doesn’t own the trademark for Mind Flayer


Even then I think wizards uses Illithids.
Which sounds like a 90's rap group.

Me an' ma homies on the spaceship


On our way to suck tha brain out this bi--

This Bi--

I got three tentacles attached an' I'm goin' for four.

Inna second your thoughts gonna be no more.

You wanna say my flow is old,

But I been doin' this since I was a tadpole


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Wow. A patent on absolute horsehockey! How valuable!

I am entirely sure that this person does not have to worry about anyone infringing on their patent.

Snarf Zagyg

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Stop trying to be evasive.

Uh huh. So to recap, you provided nothing of value to the issues raised and by introducing irrelevant information, are just “digging in” to make yourself feel better instead of providing anything helpful so that people can understand what’s going on here. This is why people get confused over basic IP concepts when you have people like you deliberately conflating marks, patents, and copyright because … reasons …. But thanks!

We’re good.

Final Fantasy has been sporadically using squid-headed "Mindflayer" monsters since the original game.

Um, actually*, they changed the name to "sorcerer" in the English releases specifically because of trademark issues. The beholder also got renamed. I think the first literal "mindflayer" didn't appear in the FF series until sometime after Y2K.

*Said with full self awareness.


How about Illithid? Or Illithidae? Those were TSR words invented for the same beings, however, it seems 'mind flayer' alone is the claimed IP.

It's worth noting that this happens all the time.

As @Snarf Zagyg says, it's not particularly meaningful. I literally automated the letter we send out about these at the law firm I work at myself. It's not something that typically ends up in court, even.

That said, I'm unconvinced WotC makes much effort to protect mind flayer - it's used in a number of videogames as well, so I'm not surprised.

For example: Demon's Souls (including the recent remake)

Should probably mention that there is a "Mind Flayer" in the latest episode of The Mandalorian. Who wants to take on Disney?
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The latest episode of The Mandalorian introduced an Imperial torture device called a mind flayer. Not a creature but still …
I know this is a bit off topic and I don't want to spoil anything, but

Mandalorian didn't introduce that device or the name they use for it in the SW world. Another show laid that groundwork.

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Not me. What both Disney and Hasbro (and people without expensive legal advice don't) realise is "mind flayer" on it's own is not a defensible IP. The reason being, it's like "hair drier". It's a plain English phrase describing what something does.

The irony here is that in the Kyle Brink interviews (at least the one with Three Black Halflings) there was some hint or mention that Disney could be one of the large corporate threats to D&D IP.
They certainly are. The Willow TV series shows that they have an interest in doing D&D with the numbers filed off. And for 50 years D&D has relied on intimidation to defend it's IP. And you can only intimidate little guys, not towering giants. The fact is, intellectual property law is very bad at defending game rules and content. About the only thing Hasbro can be certain of being able to successfully defend is the ampersand logo!

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