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D&D 5E WotC: Please do these 3 things for D&D's next iteration

Dear Wizards of the Coast,

As a life-long Dungeons & Dragons player who has been involved in this hobby both personally and (on and off) professionally for a very long time, I ask you to please do the following for the next iteration of D&D:

1. Please write complete products. Don't write half a book or three quarters of a book so that we must turn to Dragon Magazine or DDI or whatever the next versions of those things might end up being in order to get the "rest" of the product. We, the greater fandom of Dungeons & Dragons who have stuck by this game for years and decades, spend our hard-earned discretionary income on this hobby in good faith. Please show us good faith in return by making your products complete. Online and digital sources should COMPLEMENT D&D not COMPLETE it. They should be the seasoning not the ingredients.

2. Please don't flood each calendar year with major releases every month. Space your products out. Make them rich and meaty so that everyone talks about how awesome each release is. Word of mouth and a reasonable release schedule will take you farther than one or two mediocre releases each and every month.

3. In reference to #1 above, create a DDI-like product that seasons D&D in ways that make me want to subscribe to it. I WANT to have a great online, digital companion to D&D and I WANT to subscribe to it and support your business. But when you promise things that never come or half come, and when you intentionally sell light products so that DDI is required to complete them, I feel bitter about that and start to NOT want to buy a subscription.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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In my opinion #2 and #3 are already done right now. If they keep the same release rate as last year both physically and virtually and have the same quality, i am impressed. (I got most books and I subscribed, gladly giving my hard earned money to wotc, where before that, I did not buy a single D&D book myself)

#1 is a different thing though. When 3 mage schools are represented, but the rest is missing, i think: where is the rest... if it is too high page count to make every school in the PHB, maybe mage schools don´t belong in the PHB at all. Prepare mage schools by having keywords already implemented and then have a guideline how a specialist interacts with them. (And maybe make an article on DDI that is called schools of magic which represents all mage schools ready to be used.)

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