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WOTC's lies regarding Video games and VTTs


In the new OGL 1.2 WOTC clearly wants to eliminate video games and VTTs and implies OGL 1.0a was not intended to cover those uses. Yet the following was posted on THEIR WEBSITE as recently as November 2021:

Q: How can the OGL be used with software?

A: Just like with other material, the OGL allows you to use any Open Content, provided you follow the terms of the OGL. Follow the requirements of the License, include the text of the license and the appropriate copyright information, and clearly identify Open Content.

Q: So what kinds of programs can I make with the OGL?

A: Anything. Character generators are popular, as are programs that help GMs keep track of their adventure. Random treasure generators are also fun.

Q: So I could make a game?

A: Sure. Remember though, you cannot use any Product Identity with the OGL or claim compatibility with anything. So you can't say your game is a d20 System game or uses D&D rules or call it Elminster's Undermountain Crawl.

This is not some 3rd party creator saying this, it is WOTC themselves and it was still on their boards in November 2021!

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Whenever a company is being plainly dishonest in their written literature and material, this should provide you with great insight as to what they are actually doing -- and why.

WotC is not stupid. They would not lie in a document unless they felt they had to. They feel they have to. That is because when it comes to software, that is the actual commercial reason behind any change to the OGL 1.0a in the first place.

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