5E Would this gonzo style fit 5e?


I need your opinions! My Kickstarter campaign ends Tuesday morning. I'm considering running another one for a 5e version, but don't know if this gonzo style would be of interest to 5e players. If you have the time, would you take a look and tell me if you think a 5e version would fly?
Bone Age cover.jpg

Big Bucky

There’s a ton of all sorts of stuff on DMs guild so seems like there’s probably a market. The question is always what’s the price point.

I’m not up to date on the whole OGL issue. Do you have to pay to sell 5e compatible stuff?


At the right price, anything that is professionally editied, reasonably balanced and well marketed can generate some sales. If you've already built the stories and just need to plug mechanics, you can probably make it worth your while in the ballpark of your current KS.