Would you listen to an official EN World podcast?


I'd definately check it out. I really like the D&D podcast, even though it's difficult to understand at times (because of the bad production values).
But I like this stuff, keeps me entertained while on the train or driving the car.

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They're fun, but can be time consuming (not too much of a problem if you're hiring out).

Hopefully you don't need to spend $6,000 to get acceptable quality audio. Otherwise we need to spend a lot more.

We've been putting out our main show podcast for four years now (today in fact).

Yog Radio #38: Miskatonic River Press - Reloaded

(apparently, ENnie award winning)

Lots of fun to do, especially if you don't have to produce it yourself. :)

Truth Seeker

Oh frak YES, as long the time stated run, remains intact.

I'm strongly leaning towards having a professional EN World podcast produced; once amonth, 30 minutes, fairly lighthearted, covering news, a guest interview and some comedic elements (maybe a Letterman style Top 10 Things each months).

It's still in the discussion stage. I'd be offsetting the cost with paid 30-second ads in the podcast (these ads can be produced for you if audio ads aren't your forte!).

It would be available on iTunes as well as here at EN World (so you can listen to it with your iPod or iPhone).

Would you listen to such a thing? Is there anything you'd particularly like it to do?

The last thing I want this thing to be is dull. I want it to be an easy, lighthearted 30-minute listen.



I don't know what your timescale is or if it's of interest, but I recorded a 10 minute interview with Chris Youngs (DDI Chief) earlier today in Manchester about WWGD & DDI. You're more than welcome to use it, but I realise that would occupy an entire third of your projected podcast time!

No, I probably wouldn't listen to an EN World podcast. (Not trying to be negative, just hoping that some "no" answers might help you figure out what percentage of the user base would be interested.)


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It'd have to be really freakin' funny, since most RPG news is...well, boring.

Skits? Do skits. Like...Ed, the Edition War Ettin, comically arguing with himself over basically nothing. Have Stephen Colbert do both voices. You've got that kind of pull, right?


Needless to say, I'd be an audience. I listen to most of the shows on d20Radio, All Games Considered, 20 Weeks of Hell, The Tome Show, and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (the last thanks to Piratecat), so I'm all over that. :)



30 minutes sounds like a nice compact show. At that length twice monthly might be even better. :) But there's always a minimum set-up time no matter what length the show, and while nice to see them quicker I can also see the appeal of a more sedate pace (also helps with preventing burn out).

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